6 Month Platinum Membership

$359.94 CAD every 6 months for 12 months



Don't worry about missing a chance to win big for six months.

Included in your 6-month plan:

  • Live advice during select games
  • Daily sports picks from our two experts that will include a confidence meter so you can adjust bets,
  • Weekly stock advice from David, posted online every Friday with a push notification sent to you.
  • Access to the Sports Stocks and Shots blog,
  • Social forums,
  • The ability to purchase tickets (shots) to win great prizes and to recommend prizes,


  • 10-minute monthly consultation with David to ensure a personalized strategy (You can group your consultations- for example, having a 30 minute consult every three months). You must indicate if you are interested in this service at the beginning of this membership.

We will be increasing our prices in Spring 2019. Your membership will not automatically renew once prices have changed. To lock in a low price for these services for life, purchase the yearly plan.


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