You only live once, so make the best of it! Everything happens for a reason, and the reason why this all got started was… YOU.

I believe in paying it forward so I’m giving back to YOU, so that you get everything you need to get where I am today, steering clear of my mistakes and capitalizing on your finances. After being taken for rides by companies, ‘friends’ and business partners I think it’s time that someone steps up to ACTUALLY make people money without taking advantage of them.

I have NO DOUBT that my advice will help you. I was the guinea pig and believe me, I’ve been tested thoroughly. Now it’s time to pass it on and pay it back, all while having fun doing it.

Who wants to work hard and long hours their whole life, only to retire at 65+, or never? Who knows what your health will be at that age or if you will even get the chance to ENJOY your retirement. Or what if your kids need help financially, or something comes up? Is it only fair for the rich to enjoy their lives, all while getting more and more rich?

I was one of those who worked way too much and never had enough money or time for myself, kids, family, friends, etc…

And that brings me right back to YOU. Does my story sound familiar? If it does, let’s get to the fun and make your money work for you- You’ve earned it!

You can start investing in sports, stocks, both or neither! The choice is YOURS. My job is to help and guide you to the path to living a stress-free life, giving you the time off to live your life to the fullest.

YouOnlyLiveOnce. Make the most of it.

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