HoHoHoly Shit we at it again!

My life is great. I have a good family, a great girl and an amazing son- my Siberian Husky, Cashis.

After slaving for 7 years for a company that didn’t deserve my talents, I told myself I would NEVER work for anyone ever again; I would only work for myself since nobody has my back but me. So how have I been able to support my girl, my family and myself without having a day job?

I make my money work for me by gambling responsibly. I have six TV’s set up in my basement where I watch all my sports. I keep up with the latest sports news so I can make the most accurate predictions. My many years of being a sports fan gives me the insights and trends of overall teams, allowing me to factor in more than just stats.

Arianne and David both think that I’m lucky- but if you ask me, I’m not lucky, I just see the connections that other people can’t.

You can’t believe everything you read online, which is why I’m willing to prove myself by posting some of my wins. Each day, in the effort of full transparency David and I are going to let you know how confident we are in our picks, so if you have inside information you can change your picks. We aren’t in it for us, we truly want people to reach the level of comfort we have.

That way, we have more people to hang out with on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.

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