Take a look at Las Vegas Knights. Do you know how good it must feel to be them right now? Let go by their home teams, they came together to screw over their old owners who didn’t think they had it in them.

I’ve been screwed over by a lot of people- not literally, but sometimes when I look at my wallet it feels like it. (Thank you, OSAP).

I used to bottle up my hate until I realized that the only one who was hurting was myself, and it I wanted to hurt others without going to jail (or losing the moral high ground), I would have to help myself, make myself a better person THEN RUB IT IN THEIR FACES. Or, just continue to live my life never wanting for anything, doing whatever I when whenever I want, because I can.

Why I am a believer

I was a military brat growing up so I’ve lived and visited the majority of North America. I’ve met people from all over the world and all walks of life and I have NEVER met anyone as lucky as Danny. I often joke with him that he has an angel looking over his shoulder, because he gets the best parking spaces, the craziest calls right and a sixth sense when the police are around.

PLUS, his luck rubs off. I don’t usually bet, but I will go into the odd pool now and again. It’s World Cup season, and the last World Cup I was in a pool with Danny and David. I ended up getting SECOND place, after never watching a game or any prior research (I’m not going say who got first because of their egos…but let’s just say it starts with a ‘D’).

Same thing happened this past March Madness. I was in a pool at work and I went from last, to SECOND PLACE AGAIN, all while having never watched a game this season. And no, I didn’t take Danny’s advice because he was too busy playing video games. If he did give me his advice, I would have won 1st guaranteed.

You don’t have to take my word for it. There have actually been studies that show luck is a outcome of positivity, so altering your attitude and becoming more optimistic can increase your odds. Essentially happy people will spot opportunities and take more chances and appearing to be luckier.

Being happy +lucky chances = Success +Complete Revenge

Now I wasn’t the greatest at math, but this is a formula I can understand. Now, would anyone care to join me for a little taste of revenge?

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