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With the holidays coming around the corner, wouldn't it be nice to make some extra cash and take your sports enthusiasm to the next level? 

We are currently testing out our site to ensure we have the best possible user experience. For this reason we'd like to invite you to subscribe for free for daily sports picks, live play-by-play advice during select games and a voice in our membership site over the holidays. 


Subscribe for great sports picks from 2 experts. Live betting advice optional.


Get weekly stock advice from David. Optional- 10 minute consultation for your own personal strategy.


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Why We Started

Our experts have always been successful in making sports bets but wanted outside help. After subscribing to 'expert handicappers', they found that both of their picks were better than the experts! The price for these expert picks was so outrageous they decided to help fellow Canadians instead of taking advantage of them.

Why Choose Us?

Sports betting can be daunting at first, especially without any experience. If you are ready to lower your risks and take the plunge, we are right there by your side. Our experts' full-time job is making bets: they wouldn't be where they are without a good track record.

You don't know where to begin

Nobody likes taking unnecessary chances. Minimize the risk by relying on us- we even provide a confidence meter so that you can adjust your bets based on your insider knowledge!


You don't have time

Lowering your riks takes a lot of research-- time you may not have to spare. Since betting is our full-time job we are dedicated to researching what is going to give us an edge in our bets up until game time.


As athletes, we understand the complicated relationships between players, coaches and even franchise owners. Performance depends on many factors, and once we observe the game we use our experience to determine the most likely outcomes

Our Motives Are Genuine

We honestly want our followers to succeed. We would never jeopardize or over-hype our abilities because we want our followers to testify to our luck and success.

You're in Charge, Always

We would never advise someone to go all in on gambling. We are here to increase peoples chances, responsibly. To prove this, until the Spring of 2019 we will be making small bets under $500 CAD to prove you can grow your investments using bets ranging from $2- 50$.

Our Experts

We've always been on the lookout to save and make money. Now that we've become successful full-time sports handicappers we want others to benefit from our hard work- we put so much effort into being the best so we want our friends to reap the benefits.

Team Danny

Team Danny

Sports Expert and Lucky Sonofabitch

A goalie, entrepreneur and avid sports fan Danny spends his time with his husky, his 6 TVs and making sport bets.

He is excited to share his picks with you and is looking forward to creating a betting community of men and women who aren't afraid to tell it how it is and to make money for all.



Single Dad and Self-Made Man

Proud dad of twins, David spends his time raising his kids, listening to great music and following the stock market. David's whole day revolves around how to make the most money out of his day to support his family's future. At his age, he has tried everything, so ask away!

Recent Picks

Trust is hard to earn, but luckily you don't have to trust us- our track record speaks for itself. Don't be shy- we'd love to hear about your success we've earned you!

Word on the Street

I never hesitate when Danny tells me to open my wallet, that guy is one lucky sonofabitch. I didn't believe until I saw it myself- He gets the best parking, best girls, and the best picks!

Sam, The Caveman

Villain, Trailer Park Boys

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